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tv   Headline News  RT  August 8, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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kurds in syria call in world powers for protection as the united nations probes reports of hundreds of kurdish civilians massacred by al qaida linked rebel forces . meanwhile the cia warns the collapse of the us and government could make syria al qaeda haven posing an even greater threat to u.s. national security. and no tete a tete moscow lashes out of washington for not wanting to build relations on an equal food inc following president obama's decision to cancel a summit with vladimir putin.
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what you are coming to you live from the russian capital and marina joshing welcome to the program our courage in syria are calling out for international help to prevent a genocide against their people that false reports of mass murders and kidnappings of civilians by rebel forces arches are english so has the details. the kurdish democratic union has officially turned to the international community asking them to pay close attention and to rescue them from the fighting that is happening in this region and essentially asking the likes of the un to save kurds who are being among the syrians who are killed on the basis of their regional and secretary and identity among them they're saying a lot of women children in the elderly in this statement the kurds are saying that these practices are fully alike with ethnic cleansing and genocide and of course they're accusing the cell a few groups in the groups such as the a loser front operating in this region now russia for a for a very long time was telling the world essentially to pay closer attention to
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what's happening in this region and sergei lavrov has just reiterated that statement in response to the unconfirmed reports that around four hundred fifty people were killed in cold blood by the fighters of the front in response to our t's official requests to the united nations security services saying that they are investigating the matter on the ground there are people working there right now and of course they're extremely concerned with this matter because should these allegations in fact find any evidence of actually being true these will amount to war crimes. cannot be independently verified due to the chaos that is happening in northeastern syria right now we have also spoken to people whose relatives were in these northeastern part of syria for talking about men being killed the women and children and the elderly being taken hostage at least two hundred people have been taken hostage by the fighters they believe the groups who
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are saying that's a soon as are all done is over and that is right now they are starting to work on these. states in the region. clashes between armed factions have been asking waiting in syria with kurdish fighters forced to stand their ground against islamist militants pressing for greater control in the country's north with conflicting reports making specific information hard to verify we turn to kurdish journalist barzani to help us put the timeline together of the conflict. well according to him islamic extremists launched their assault on the nineteenth of july trying to plant a bomb and a kurdish school and kidnapping local civilians the next day many houses across the kurdish enclaves were blown up one a village destroyed completely and around five hundred kurds were kidnapped meanwhile a radical clerk declared from a local mosque that those killing kurdish civilians would be rewarded in heaven and
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also encouraged people to loot and destroy kurdish homes the violence continued into early august with seventy kurds murdered and three hundred fifty abducted by al-qaeda linked fighters and those terrorists are getting their arms from the syrian opposition which is supported by the west as we've been hearing from alice and kurdish blogger schwantz all the front which is the. group have been attacking civilians and have been terrorizing the kurdish neighborhoods in the region and they're trying to grab. specifically the oil rich places and over these groups are being. supported and being logistically supported by the you know put me in a position in syria and they get an older woman from the western support for the opposition and from turkey will do just that the support is coming from so that the support you know fareed and something some sense if you look at it state department
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was asked to clarify the position of the kurdish civilians being killed by. whether the. sort of supplied by you or the support supplied by us for the syrian opposition is making its way through to the hard to try to defeat the two groups on the state department pretty much to say so i think in the next few days you'll see any movement. from friends. now staying with syria while the obama administration remains undecided on whether to sand weapons to the rebels the cia second in command has warned that the spread of extremism in the country is posing an ever greater threat to u.s. national security deputy director michael morell says that if the asa government collapses with its massive chemical arsenal the country could become a haven for al qaeda terrorists according to morell more of foreign fighters are joining the conflict in syria each month than ever and heard iraq at the height of the war there he has also claimed that given the constant inflow of arms syria
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could become the next lead b.-a with a potential for conflict to spill over into jordan lebanon and iraq lawrence kay freeman ataturk of the executive intelligence review says the warnings long overdue . get more involved in this war this all of the major international security danger force you're not going to ask you to our portion of the world and that there's a problem that everything about us which has been behind supporting. al qaeda related groups is actually pursuing very dangerous disruptive policy so these statements today are welcome and we should reverse our policy immediately and not pursue arming the rebels and pursue the overthrow of the president bashir assad america's i'm prepared to build relations with russia on an equal footing and that's how the kremlin reacted to barack obama canceling his meeting with president
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putin the u.s. says it has little to discuss with russia on such a high level after moscow granted asylum to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden for more on this here is our correspondent in france. washington had stated that it would react negatively if edward snowden were given asylum by russia and this canceling of the meeting between the two leaders seems to be a product of that the white house cites a lack of recent progress in a bilateral agenda it's president obama himself who gives a very interesting explanation of the relationship between the two countries at this point there's still a lot of business that we can do with them but there's been times where they slip back in the cold war thinking and a cold war mentality the kremlin feels that washington is not interested in a partnership on equal footing in fact it came as a surprise to many russians when edward snowden knocked on their door we didn't invite edward snowden and russia was in his final destination anyway he was in
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transit but as soon as he began his journey is route was revealed and our u.s. partners effectively blocked him from taking any further flights they even made other countries afraid of taking him in following that global manhunt that had the united states pressuring many countries to get edward snowden back on his home soil it's worth pointing out something with regard to the extradition treaty that does not exist between russia and the united states it's something russia has pushed for many times but it has been denied furthermore russia has also requested extradition or even a return of its citizens who are on domestic and international wanted lists for in some cases terrorist acts those requests were denied numerous times so as this situation with edward snowden has evolved it's definitely taken attention away from what's not and did and put more of an emphasis on the complicated dynamic between
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these two countries something that we will watch on fault at the g twenty summit. geopolitical analyst kerry trying to has obama's cancellation as just a damage control to save face at home the notion of putin as bringing the foreign policy trajectory back to the cold war is part of the us propaganda machine you see the decision to grant temporary asylum to snowden was not merely a political one it was one that was made out of sheer necessity by putin and the russian government because frankly they couldn't have allowed the mellow drama to continue on in that airport and so what we're seeing as it's being reported in the media is that this is kind of a tit for tat harkening back to the cold war but i think that what we're seeing is actually a practical politics this is really face saving on the part of obama so that he can play kate not only the conservatives on his right who vehemently attacked putin the
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russian government at every turn while at the same time attempting to portray himself as consistent on the issue. well the snowden case is forcing the white house into mentioning the cold war the whistleblower's father has come out with some fresh comments and he hopes that the move by the west won't distract the public from the massive spy programs he's some revealed so check out the rest of want on snowden had to say in his statement at r.t. dot com and just ahead for you on doing their wrongs if you're out of work injuries be prepared for your only tricity to be cut off right after a short break we report on the activists who are fighting back to help their cash strapped country men. wealthy british soil some time to write in the current.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. this immediately though so we leave the media. by the scene potion security play your party there's an. issues that no one is as good with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our team. thanks. to.
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a i.
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welcome back this is r.t. america is offering a helping hand to greece as a struggle see emerge from a six year recession the greek prime minister is now in washington helping to restore his country's credibility after unemployment hit a record twenty seven point six percent in may but while people all over graze are struggling to pay for daily essentials a group of activists taking matters into its own hands are teasing or piskun off now reports. for millions of europeans it's impossible to imagine a life without things like refrigerators a.c.'s television computers and electricity in general but no matter how difficult it may be the reality is every month more of those living in the cradle of european civilization are being forced into the dark. for two years now christina hasn't been able to pay her electricity
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bills she can't find work and no work in her brother two daughters or their husbands. as the bills began piling up i had to make my priorities and this is where the food comes first i want to pay the bills and i want to be ok with the state but the state hasn't been ok with us with one in four greeks currently unemployed christine is far from the only person who's electricity has been called off and that's where these guys come in young radical and very determined activists from the i don't see movement illegally reconnect power to as many as two hundred homes per month for free. the vast majority of the society is to be. sunk into poverty only a few of them few families across the world to have the ninety nine percent of the . well that's not something that. we want to bear.
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the reconnect the two homes or disconnect power from losing so it's making them feel for motorists or sometimes we talk to the underground today the i don't pay movement has over ten thousand members of course greece and it's gaining supporters despite being targeted by more than one hundred unborn morsy. no respected when you know we say that thousands of people with no relief they said it will pull could no electricity to seal water so this winter we will warn them because it's a very big. greece's government continues progress to. economic miracles despite the country recently downgraded. it. but the greeks are tired of empty promises. breaking. things. and while europe comes back on
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a central government's tighten their belts there is one sector of society that's not feeling the pinch from bankers times have never been better and that's what katie pilgrim the host of artes new business show venture capital told us the underlying problem that cake started the own growing european debt crisis greedy bankers being paid excessive amounts to take unnecessary risks is still a problem now the latest data from the european bank your thora t. is likely to your e a the average e.u. citizens struggling to make ends meet in these times of tough budget cuts the figures reveal that the bank is at the ferry heart of the crisis three thousand of them are taking home more than one million euros a year in pay and bonuses but most of that cash is being dished out london's financial center accounting for three quarters of the seven figure salaries in the e.u. now germany came in second with one hundred seventy bankers receiving one million
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years or more and france came in. with one hundred and sixty two so as you can see there's a huge difference between london and the rest of the e.u. but the biggest disparity of or is between the haves and the have nots is the rich continue to get richer and the poor even of the very people that created the financial storm which brought on this era of austerity continue to pick up fat salaries for their efforts. and more stories from across the world now and we start in iraq where a double attack has killed thirteen people north of the capital baghdad officials say gunmen stormed the home of a police officer in the city of to create killing him and four other members of his family a car bomb then ripped through a crowd of bystanders gathered at the scene of the attack killing another eight people and wounding thirty more iraq's security situation is rapidly worsening with
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the u.n. say more than a thousand people were killed in the country just last month alone. the syrian rebels say president assad's convoy was shelled only rude to celebrations in the mask but state t.v. food which was later broadcast showing the leader on skates during prayers at a mosque seventeen mortars allegedly targeted the convoy after insurgents received information on his movements syria's information ministry though denies the attack ever took place. and in afghanistan an explosion has killed fourteen members of the same family all women and children at a cemetery in the east of the country it's common for muslims to remember a late relatives during which marks the end of ramadan and it's not clear who was behind the attack the violence comes just days after washington issued a worldwide travel alert warning its citizens of potential terrorist attacks in the middle east and north africa. as suicide
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bomber has killed at least twenty nine people in pakistan's restive city of quetta five police officers are reported to be among the victims of the blast which was caught on live t.v. it happened as high ranking security personnel were preparing to hold prayers for another colleague who was gunned down while on duty. muslims worldwide have been fasting from sunrise to sunset for a month and now they've got quite the sober tory feast coming up millions across russia will be joining the festivities as well the holiday is known as by wrong here well here's what's happened at one of the mosques in the russian capital a huge crowd gathered there this morning for prayers to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan and there are an estimated twenty million muslims across the country and celebrations are taking place nationwide traditionally people exchange cards while children get gifts with money and food also given to the poor worshipers forgive each other for things they've done wrong and oh that will be
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followed by a huge feast at sundown so now britain's education system is an uproar after a second for profit institution was granted university status some argue the move opens the floodgates to private firms hoping to capitalize on tuition fees which troubled across the u.k. last year meanwhile more more young people are finding it impossible to afford higher education in our reports. london twenty ten young people furious at the government's plans to triple the tuition fees capped and nine thousand pounds a year for the new batch of incoming students the impact could be even more palpable but because the numbers of students from the backgrounds coming to university are increasing slowly. sort of the government sort of denies that this is a problem it's pretty dire situation in the u.k. and particularly around the issue of choice. you have to choose to take on that so
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you choose to be unemployed but really there isn't there isn't really a positive solution either way for james walkley the choice was to drop out he'd been in university for a year but decided to stop and try to find work instead of folks that are still working for a living for a change them rather than just getting by day to day and one of the series of monies or whatever what is available to students because i do come from what i would consider i deprived background i also feel that it's doesn't take a genius to work out just by looking at the fees that the universe as it is now is ragin to a debt trap almost james dreams were put on hold at the spotlight is by no means unique in two thousand and twelve overall entry rates in england dropped thirteen percent but the universities and colleges admissions service directly associating it to the rise of the cost of the degree we quarters of colleges and universities in england it could be charging at the top level fee of nine thousand pounds a year for at least one course in twenty fourteen and around twenty seven percent
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could be charging about the level for all of its courses and all this despite claims by ministers in the past of levels will only be seen for exceptional circumstances where the fees and now hard so that could very well be the norm. students you know bring forth to take on this huge debt that the government says doesn't affect sort of the rest of their income but that's not true if you're trying to say for a mortgage things you need to live it will have an effect on what happen effect on their use. and the government keeps threatening to change the terms and conditions of those loans in response to r.t.c. the government said there will be no change to the terms of interest rates charged to graduates with existing student loans taken out before two thousand and twelve which is cold comfort for someone like mail me with twenty five thousand pounds of debt hanging over my head says it is like a full time job that's when i started coming out of my. monthly salary my fees were
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three thousand two hundred and pay here and now fifty has gone up to nine thousand yes i still find them pack it up and i want to. spencer melman if i'm not going to uni says all this financial insecurity is making young people more open to considering other options than going to university printers shit is a really valuable wife forward you're learning a sector you're getting a job getting a qualification and hopefully a full time job at the end of it we're not into uni acho is just about understanding the options that are available and having a real choice is really all the james is asking for feel a lot of negative it's all the government for a fact that education has been massively are strictly for people who are far less financially well off backgrounds does or sylvia r.t.e. london. one is a coup not a coup the u.s. government spokes person answers in riddles one question for the status of egyptian
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military maneuvering which ousted mohamed morsi we've got that story online r.t. dot com. also while a gigantic google password flaw puts millions of users at risk all of that and more on our web site r t v dot com. right to see. first street. and i would think that your. an army force would. be in the. south of settings or recalling a war of the devastated their homeland five years ago in august two thousand and eight the georgian military began its assault on the south of the city in capital
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killing up to two thousand civilians hours later russian forces moved in and after five days of fighting the georgian troops were forced out of the republic thousands have been gathering on the main square of south the city as capital to involve for a vigil to remember the victims of the war well later today r.t. will be taking a closer look at how the conflict unfolded in our special report that's at fourteen thirty g.m.t. . well next our washington team delves behind financial headlines and prime interest.
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everyone respects a promise written in stone the promise was written on the internet well they're a bit more flexible and a lot easier to erase obama made a lot of promises as a candidate on his site change dot gov including some about protecting whistleblowers and obama said that we need to empower federal employees as watchdogs and that he would strengthen the whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste fraud and abuse of authority and government but strangely imposed. coincidentally two days after the first revelation of government spying by still did these promises of the change dot gov site were taken down if this is not just some odd coincidence and they consciously chose to hide obama's campaign promises that this is political cowardice at its worst and what is even worse is that they didn't think that this would get exposed almost immediately if you try to conduct some sort of medieval book burning to destroy information on the internet then you are only going to get burnt yourself but that's just my opinion.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you. are looking for is a big issue. good afternoon and welcome to prime enjoy hereon boring and i'm bob english let's get to today's headline. any and pretty our toes or are they president obama has outlined an exit strategy for the mortgage giant that by eighty percent of all new u.s. more you did while there's been talking congress of an insurance giant alternative
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of what is then not mentioned the most important player in the housing market the federal reserve is purchasing forty billion dollars a month of mortgage backed security the office said no more for fannie and freddie now we couldn't agree more on the bailout front but there's a problem with getting rid of the existing system then even freddie are actually profitable no they recently remitted sixty six billion to the treasury which provoked a lawsuit so no shareholders won a piece of the proverbial pie and this could drag on for years. so as along as the g.s.t. remain profitable it's going to be tough to shutter them in other words we need another financial crisis to get a new scheme in place that will inevitably contain a similar moral hazard sounds like a giant shell game i'll dig into the fine print of obama's housing plan in just a bit and continuing our coverage of smart money getting out of the top blackstone group is the latest it's one of the largest real estate players in the u.s.
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and they've snapped up thousands of residential and commercial properties door in the town turn well now they've hired j.p. morgan and morgan it stanley they'll be flipping the unit and private sales and through i.p.o. that means the last bag holder gets to once again be the public either directly or through those pesky soon to be more underfunded pension fund. bubbles and how the fed got as here with dean baker in just a minute and here is what's in your prime interest.

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